Islamabad Cycling Association

Islamabad Cycling Association is affiliated unit of Pakistan Cycling Federation and working continuously for promotion of cycling at the region. The following as office bearers of Islamabad Cycling Association:

                 1,            Mr. Haroon Khan                                            President

                2.            Mrs. Zehra Kamal                                           Sr. Vice President

                3.            Mr. Mohammad Haroon General               General Secretary

                4.            Mr. Mohsin Yaseen                                        Joint Secretary

                5.            Rana Atif REhman                                          Finance Secretary

                6.            Mr. M. Danial Kublai Khan                            Press Secretary

                7,            Mr. Omar Hasan Khan                                   Executive Member

                8.            S.Mohammad Raza Shah                              Executive Member

                9.            Mrs. Hajra Haq                                                Executive Member

                10.         Mr. Umayr Sahlan Masood                           Executive Member


Office Location


                              House No. 39-B

                              Street No. 83

                              G-7/4, Islamabad.